Happy Home Styling is about transforming your home into a place that feels authentic, comfortable, harmonious and of course happy. In this rapidly changing world, we all need a place to retreat, to read our favourite book, spend time with loved ones, or to simply be happy and relaxed. Your home,  your art or antiques, flowers or pictures are a collection of you –  they reflect the places you have traveled to,  what you cherish, where you relax and who you really are. Happy Home Styling makes a home, a sanctuary. Your home, however big or small, is, after all, your castle.

Spacial Plan

Invigorate any room – rearrange existing and new pieces. Create flow, balance, and harmony.


Make changes with colour, wallpaper, rugs, accessories, flowers or plants.

Upcycle & Recycle

Repaint, reupholster & restore existing pieces of furniture. Breathe new life into your property.

Source Key Pieces

With our industry knowledge and access to trade accounts, we can save you time & money, searching for that perfect item.

Create a Focal Point

Emphasise your favourite piece of art, furniture or feature fireplace. Creating a focal point can transform a room.

Style Advice

Do you need ideas but want to implement these yourself?  We provide style advice from a photo, a room or an entire property.

Get ready to transform your property


Sophie delivers beautiful living & office spaces for her clients

The collaboration with Sophie went very well. She has her own style but she gave enough room for my own inspiration and ideas. I was very happy with the collaboration and most importantly with the result!


Sophie really helped us to make the right choices on colors and atmosphere in our home. Spending a day with her is not only fun but also gives the support you need to find out what fits your style and to take decisions.


An inspiring meeting, a colourful meeting, an eye opener, dancing colours in balance, impressive people meet impressive ideas.


Meet Sophie

Happy Home Styling is about creating a home that reflects your personality. Your home should be a glorious mélange of your favourite pieces, accessories, colours and fabrics.

Furniture does not need to be brand new or perfect!

When I studied at the Interior Design School in London, I realised how passionate I am about creating flow and balance in a room.

When pieces in each room are in proportion, there is balance & harmony within the room.

I believe that highlighting the pieces that you cherish, changing colour, and putting things in the right place, can instantly influence the atmosphere and your feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Sophie Bruna Creative Director, Happy Home Styling

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